Trade ship's logbook

29 October 1781

Trade ship's logbook


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    The Halsewell was one of the East India Company's grand merchant ships. Its logbook reveals fascinating details about life on board the ship: men overboard, repairs and cleaning jobs, deaths and punishments, and treacherous weather conditions. Here we read of an incident in which Nelson comes on board. His intention is to remove the experienced East India Company crew from their ship, and to recruit them into the British Navy. He does this with some degree of force. The entry records the fact that he leaves the Captain of the Halsewell with only 'foreigners and servants'. This practice of poaching sailors from the Company was not uncommon.


    Shelfmark: L/MAR/B/465/a

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    Halsewell Log Book

    Working up the River


    Monday 29 October 1781


    Variable Winds with Dry weather. AM. Came on board again Captain Nelson who told the people if they refused serving his Majsty he must bring the Frigate alongside after much trouble and difficulty they got all our people and left only the Foreigners and Servants promising to bring Men in the Evening at 8 PM Came a Lietenant with 24 men to work the Ship up to her Moorings


    Tuesday 30


    Winds variable with thick weather, at 6 AM. Weighed at 2 PM. Anchored in the Lower part og Gravesend Reach. D? came on board Mr Clements Pilot with 12 mento go up with the Ship

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