Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald

25 November 1963

Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald


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    John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November 1963 whilst driving through Dallas in a convertible limousine with his wife, Jackie. Kennedy was a hugely popular president - charismatic, forward-looking and strong-minded - and his image became a benchmark for every subsequent presidential candidate.


    Just two days after the shooting, Lee Harvey Oswald, the man believed to be JFK's murderer, was himself killed. A Dallas nightclub owner had shot Oswald, claiming he 'did it for Jackie'. The writer of this article in the Daily Sketch happened to be in exactly the right place at the right time, enabling him to send an 'exclusive' story back to the newspaper in London. There are many conspiracy theories questioning whether Oswald was really was the killer, including rumours of gangsters, the Russians, even the CIA being involved.



    Image Copyright: John Frost Newspaper Archive


    Shelfmark: British Library Newspaper Archive

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