Robert Kennedy Assassinated

6 June 1968

Robert Kennedy Assassinated


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    Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated just five years after his brother, President John F. Kennedy had been shot. The gunman, Sirhan Sirhan, a young Palestinian angry over Kennedy’s support for Israel during the Six Day War, shot the Senator in a corridor at the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel on 5 June 1968.


    Like his brother, Robert Kennedy was a compassionate and charismatic figure who inspired young voters eager for change and leadership during this turbulent period in the nation’s history. He had championed the cause of civil rights in the segregated Southern States, and was outspoken in his calls to scale down US involvement in Vietnam.


    As with his brother’s death, rumours of conspiracy have continued to surround the assassination, and Senator Kennedy certainly polarised national opinion just as sharply as his brother had done five years earlier.


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