Sir Walter Raleigh's notes

c.1603 - 1616

Sir Walter Raleigh's notes


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    Walter Raleigh, or Ralegh (1552-1618) was a colourful figure: soldier, pirate, explorer, poet, courtier, scholar, and bringer of potatoes and tobacco to England. Caught in the crossfire of court intrigue in 1603, he was imprisoned in the Tower of London until 1616, when he was let out on an expedition to find gold in the Orinoco. The expedition failed, and on his return he was beheaded for crimes committed in Spain en route back. During his spell in prison, Raleigh made these notes for his History of the World. He only finished the first volume, reaching the second Roman war with Macedonia. The pages here show the Nile delta and deal with the time of the Pharaohs.


    Shelfmark: Add. MS 57555, f. 23.

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