Alice in Wonderland


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    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is of the best loved children’s books of all time. This is the original manuscript of the book, handwritten and illustrated by Lewis Carroll. The story tells of a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a hallucinogenic world populated by talking packs of cards, and animals who look at pocket watches, smoke pipes and have tea parties. The tale was first told by Carroll to three young girls on a river boat trip in Oxford in 1862. The children, especially Alice, adored the story and begged Carroll to write it down. Eventually, he wrote out the whole text, using neat handwriting so that the young Alice was able to read it. The book was first published in 1865.


    The reading in the audio tab is from the published version of the book rather than the manuscript.


    Shelfmark: Add. MS 46700, f.19v

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