Gladstone's notes on Irish Home Rule


Gladstone: Irish Home Rule


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    These are notes made by Prime Minister William Gladstone for the Government of Ireland Bill 1893. The bill intended to grant parliamentary independence to Ireland, though financial and military policy would still be governed from Westminster. It was Gladstone's second attempt to establish a government for Ireland. His 1886 bill had been defeated when 93 of his own Liberal MPs voted against it in the Commons. Part of their objection was that Gladstone had drawn up the bill personally and in near-secret, but Gladstone would if anything be more secretive in 1893. Indeed, on the day of the House of Commons vote, there was only time to discuss 11 of the bill's 37 clauses. The Commons narrowly passed the bill, but it was crushed in the traditionalist and Conservative-dominated House of Lords. Gladstone resigned as prime minister six months later.


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