Indian restaurant


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    Veeraswamy’s restaurant opened in London’s Regent Street in 1926. Veeraswamy’s was among a number of Indian restaurants and cafes and soon established itself at the higher end of the market. Popular among politicians and royalty, its clientele also included Indian campaigners for independence in London.


    A specialist in Indian cuisine, Veeraswamy’s owner, Edward Palmer lectured on Indian cooking and was catering advisor to the Indian Government at the 1924-25 Wembley Empire Exhibition.


    In 1896 he had already set up Veeraswamy & Co. in Hornsey, London, to promote Indian food products, ‘so that they could be used under Western conditions and yet produce Eastern results’. Under the trademark ‘Nizam’ they were sold in many stores and grocers in Britain.


    Curry and rice were first popularised by returning British East India Company employees in the 18th century.

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