Chuni Lal Katial, public health pioneer


Chuni Lal Katial, public health pioneer


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    Chuni Lal Katial was elected Mayor of Finsbury in 1938. He was the first Asian mayor in Britain. A successful doctor in the East End he accompanied Gandhi during his visit in 1931. Katial later moved to Finsbury, north London, where he ran a popular surgery among the working classes. A member of the Labour Party, Finsbury elected him as a councillor in 1934.


    Katial made his mark as the Chairman of the Public Health Committee. Opened in 1938, Finsbury Health Centre in Pine Street pioneered a centralised health service housing all facilities under one roof. Katial’s vision was a new concept in medicine at the time and the Health Centre became universally famous. For his public services, he was honoured with the Freedom of the Borough of Finsbury in 1948.


    Shelfmark: 1937 LON 664 [1937] NPL

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