Advert for a quack doctor


Advert for a quack doctor


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    This advertisement for a London quack doctor dates back to 1650. The doctor, who lived in Gun-Powder Alley, claimed to be able to predict the future, answering questions on a range of subjects from marriage and riches to fertility and professional success. He could also tell patients whether their 'sicknesse be curable or mortall', and had 'ready prepared the most approved remedies for all diseases... that are curable'.


    Shelfmark: 1141.a.37.(3).

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    Advert for a Quack Doctor

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    Without offence to the Lawes of God and Man: onely by Mathematicall Arts and Naturall Sciences: A certaine true and probable Answer may be given to any lawfull demaund whatsoever, as by the testimony of the Learned among all Nations, and in all ages, and innumerable Examples of our owne experience have invincibly confirmed.


    1 Of the Complexion of the body: and the Inclination of the minde.

    2 Of Riches, and poverty, how, and when they shall happen.

    3 Of Marriage, the number, quality, time and place.

    4 Of Children, if few, or many, their sexe and disposition.

    5 Of Travailes, the time, the part of the World, and the event.

    6 Of the Profession, Trade and manner of life.

    7 Of Dignity grace, and disgrace, and from whom.

    8 Of Friends and Enemies, and the event of their love or hatred.

    9 Whether any that is Absent be alive? how? and where?

    10 Whether any shall have riches, and at what time?

    11 Whether a Partner of Factor be just and faithfull?

    12 Whether a Man shall marry that Woman he desireth?

    13 Whether a Woman be apt to have Children?

    14 Whether a Man shall obtaine what he hopeth for?

    15 Whether a Man shall prevaile in his Law-suite?

    16 Whether a Man shall thrive by the Trade he followeth?

    17 Whether the sicknesse be curable or mortall? also I have ready prepared the most approved Remedies for all diseases whether outward or inward that are curable.

    18 That I have recovered the 3 yeeres dumbe to perfect speech, cured the dead palsie, the falling sicknesse, Morbus gallicus, confirmed dangerous Ulcers and Fistuales. Shall bee apparently proved both by oath, and the testimonies of Honourable Personages.


    From my House neere Fetter-lane in Gun-powder Alley, the next doore to Master Corderoy.

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