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    Said to be taller than Goliath, this Swedish giant was 'exhibited' in a London glass shop in 1742. The advertisement shown here describes him as giving 'amazing satisfaction to all who see him'. Throughout the 1700s and 1800s, human 'curiosities' were exhibited for the entertainment of the general public. The exhibits included people with physical disabilities or those from overseas who were thought to look 'different' or 'exotic'.


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    Advert for a giant

    The Living COLOSSUS, or Wonderful GIANT

    From Sweden, who gives such an amazing Satisfaction to all that see him, is now remov'd from the Lottery-Office to the Glass-Shop facing the Mews-Walls, Charing-Cross, between the two Passages going into the Park; where he is to be seen, without Loss of Time, by any Number of Gentlemen and Ladies, from Nine in the Morning till Nine at Night, at One Shilling each.

    As it would be impossible to endeavour to relate the Astonishment that is express'd by every one at the Sight of this Prodigy in Nature, we avoid it.

    But this the Publick may be assur'd of, that he is near a Foot taller than the late famous Saxon, or any ever yet introduced to the World as Giants, large in Proportion, and as several learned Gentlemen have declar'd, may justly be call'd the Christian Goliah, no one of human Species having been heard of since that Æra of so monstrous a Size.

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