First British advert for curry powder


First British advert for curry powder


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    In England, the first recipe for curry appeared in a cookery book of 1747. The dish reflected the tastes of the staff of the East India Company - England's most powerful trading company dealing in Asian goods. This article discusses the newly available ingredient 'curry powder', describing it as 'exceeding pleasant and healthful'.

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    First British advert for curry powder

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    To Persons of Rank, Traders to all Nations, and Servants. 

    The invaluable rich Ingredient, called CURRY POWDER, brought from the East-Indies by the famous SOLANDER, is ROW [sic] to be only had, in its original virtues, at Sorlie's Perfumery Warehouse, No.23, Piccadilly, near Air-street. The celebrated East-India Dishes, and most sumptuous Sauces, are made with this Powder. It is exceeding pleasant and healthful - renders the stomach active in digestion - the blood naturally free in circulation - the mind vigorous, and contributes most of any food to an increase of the human race. - Many useful novelties; with the richest and cheapest English, French, and Italian Perfumeries, may be had at the above place. Descriptions of the various virtues of Curry Powder, and directions how to use it, may be had at the Proprietor's, and at the Booksellers', by which any person can make up a dish of Curry, &c. It retains its full improved powers in every climate. Exporters, and all Dealers, will have encouraging allowance.

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