Notices about runaway slaves


Notices about runaway slaves


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    This is a page from the Jamaican newspaper The Royal Gazette, one of many newspapers from the period displaying notices about runaway slaves. Each notice has a description of the slave and a reward for the return of the 'offenders'. Slaves might attempt to run away for a number of reasons: to escape cruel treatment, to join a revolt or to meet with friends and families on neighbouring plantations. Families were not necessarily kept together by those who bought and sold them. Planters did not hesitate to sell slaves regardless of their family ties.


    Shelfmark: MC.384 p120.

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    Notices about runaway slaves

    Extract from original text [top-left notice]:


    Kingston, Jamaica, January 16, 1781

    Twenty Pistoles Reward! 

    RUN AWAY from the subscriber, about ten weeks ago, a short black felllow, of the Mundingo country, named CUPID. He is a Fisherman by trade, and is marked WB on his right shoulder; was formerly the property of Mr. Philip Reid of Kingston, and was employed by him at Port Morant in the fishing business,.....He has been feed within these ten days at Port Morant; working with some white people as a Freeman; at which place, or Morant-Bay, he is now supposed to be._____Any person recognising him in Port-Morant gaol, shall be entitled to a Half Job[Joe?] reward; or if they will deliver him to the subscriber in Kingston, FIVE POUNDS reward. And if they can inform by whom he is harboured, if a white person (on conviction), they shall receive the above reward, from

    W. BAILEY.

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