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Nottinghamshire dialect


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    DH Lawrence (1885–1930) is best known for his novels, several of which include dialogue in the dialect of his native Nottinghamshire. Less well known is his dialect poetry as illustrated here by ‘The Collier’s Wife’. The poem is typical of the genre, juxtaposing the tragic and the comic in working-class life. Its great strength is the convincing dialogue, with its colloquial rhythms and idiom.



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    The lines th’art a mard-arsed kid, e’ll gie thee socks (you’re a sullen child, he’ll give you a beating) contain dialect words and grammar and capture local pronunciation. The successive use of such phrases portrays vividly an East Midlands dialect that had seldom before appeared in print.


    DH Lawrence, The Collected Poems of DH Lawrence, 1928.

    Shelfmark: X.989/11689.

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