Sir Walter Scott, Rob Roy


Sir Walter Scott, Rob Roy


  • Intro

    Rob Roy is one of Sir Walter Scott’s most famous novels. Its title character is based on a real person: the folk hero Rob Roy McGregor, sometimes referred to as the Scottish ‘Robin Hood’, an outlaw and a rebel whose story embodied for Scott an ideal of courage, independence and romance. The novel recounts the adventures of its narrator, a young Englishman called Frank Osbaldistone, who encounters Rob Roy after being sent to the Highlands to collect a debt that is owed to his father. The action takes place against the backdrop of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715, and is set in various locations including Northumberland, Glasgow and the beautiful countryside around Loch Lomond. It is notable for being told partly in Scots dialect, and for its depiction of the living conditions endured by many Scots in the early 18th century.


    Robert Louis Stevenson considered it the best of Scott’s novels, and said that he would never forget ‘the pleasure and surprise’ he felt on first reading it as a child.

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