Chronicle of Mann


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    Compiled at Rushen Abbey on the Isle of Man, this chronicle records events from 1016 to the 14th century on and around the island whose thousand-year-old parliament, Tynwald, is the world's oldest continuous ruling body. Written in Latin, the chronicle documents the island's role as the centre of the Norse Kingdom of Mann and the Isles, and the influence of its kings and religious leaders.


    The page illustrated here records the eventful meeting of all the islanders at the Tynwald on 25 October 1237. Amid tensions resulting from inter-clan feuds, the meeting resulted in violent scuffles causing at least two deaths.


    Shelfmark: Cotton Julius A.VII, ff.44v-45

  • Transcript

    Chronicle of Mann

    The page shown reads as follows. 'In the resulting tension, with a lot of unpleasant words being thrown around, and disputes being bitterly contested, they couldn't come to any agreement, and the people rushed out of the meeting, and fighting broke out.'


    'In ipsa igitur contione, cum diu in alterutrum inimicicie verba iactarent, et acri verborum certamine litigarent, nec ullatenus ad concordiam flecti possent, de conventu populi exilierunt, et in alterutrum hostiliter irruerunt'.

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