How were medieval manuscripts made? What was the purpose of manuscript illustration and decoration? What did people in the Middle Ages know about science, arithmetic and astronomy? What were the most popular medieval books and texts in monastic libraries? Explore the themes below to find answers to all these questions and more.
Art and Illumination

Art and illumination

Learn more about manuscript art from the illumination and decoration found in medieval books.

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History and learning

Explore the spread and exchange of medieval culture and language before 1200.

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Science and Nature

Science and nature

From medical surgery to the stars of the constellations, what were the scientific works of the early Middle Ages and how were they transmitted?

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Making Manuscripts

Making manuscripts

Learn more about book production in the Middle Ages and how to illuminate a manuscript today.

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Christian Religion and Belief

Christian religion and belief

Discover how religious works were transmitted in the Middle Ages.

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Medieval Manuscript Collections Today

Medieval manuscript collections today

Learn more about modern care and research of medieval manuscripts.

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