Access online

Increasingly we live our lives online - socalising, paying our bills and doing our homework are predominatly done through the web. How would you cope if access to the web was taken away from you? How do activists under repressive regimes get around this and can a government pull the plug on the web if they really want to? These resources will help you to find the answers. 

Impact Surveillance

We’ll never know what stories we’ve lost: understanding the effect of surveillance on freedom of speech

Article by:
Deji Olukotun

Writer and digital activist, Deji Olukotun, explores the impact of mass surveillance on free speech.

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We we need a MCDR

Why do we need a Magna Carta for the digital age?

Article by:
Anne Jellema

A short article by Anne Jellema, the CEO of the World Wide Web Foundation, exploring why we need to have a Magna Carta for the digital age.

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