Make 2018 the year you switch to DRM Lite

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Over 50% of articles ordered via British Library On Demand are now opened using DRM Lite. Your organisation can join the growing number of customers using DRM Lite without delay.

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When receiving your On Demand orders using DRM Lite there is no need to install any third party software and articles can be opened on multiple devices, including mobile devices like MacBooks, laptops, smartphones and other tablets. 

The greater flexibility to DRM Lite users means they can access their content in different locations as necessary, and documents are not tied to the first device on which they are opened. DRM Lite encryption ensures that items are only used as permitted by law and copyright holders’ rights are protected. 

To begin using DRM Lite users need to be registered for On Demand and have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on their device.  You can start using DRM Lite, by selecting it as the Copy Encryption Format option in your business account preferences or contact Customer Services who will be able to help you and provide test documents and further information. 

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