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Become one of the thousands of contributors who earn an annual payment from PLR. It’s your right so claim it!

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The rules around eligibility, authentication and registration for UK PLR are set out in secondary legislation: the PLR Scheme.  At first glance it may seem complicated, however our Author Services Team process around 2,000 new applications each year and are on hand to guide you through the application process.  

There have been some major developments in UK PLR since the Scheme came into force in 1982, including extending PLR to EEA residents and the inclusion of audio-books and ebooks, but the legal framework around registration has remained in place.  This creates challenges around modernisation of services and processes which we are currently reviewing, but in the meantime we have simplified the registration process as far as we can.  

We also administer the Irish PLR scheme and applicants can choose to synchronise their details for both schemes rather than duplicating the registration process. Also, once you have applied for the first time, subsequent registrations are straightforward and if you apply for a UK online account, it’s even easier. Contact our knowledgeable and helpful Author Services Team on 01642 604699 if you need more information, or use our feedback form to email us your query and we will respond as soon as possible.

The PLR Scheme is free to join and you could earn up to £6,600 a year from UK PLR and up to €1,000 from Irish PLR.

Follow our 3 easy steps to registration and you may become one of the thousands of contributors who earn an annual payment from PLR.  It’s your right so claim it!

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