James Cook: The Voyages now open

James Cook: The Voyages

Visit our exhibition to explore the stories, art and maps of those who were there

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It is 250 years since the Endeavour set sail from Plymouth. Our exhibition tells the story of Captain James Cook’s three world-changing voyages through stunning artworks, original maps and handwritten journals.

From iconic depictions of people and landscapes by expedition artists Sydney Parkinson, John Webber and William Hodges to an evocative collection of drawings by Polynesian high priest and navigator Tupaia, which are going on display together for the first time, James Cook: The Voyages will take visitors on a journey of discovery, from the Pacific Ocean to the Antarctic.

Explore different perspectives on the voyages, from those on board the ships to those who saw them arrive on their shores, and consider their legacy and relevance today.

The exhibition is open until 28 August 2018.

For more information on the exhibition, see the press release here.

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