“A brilliant service” from On Demand, according to Mary Beard

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British Library On Demand has received compliments and praise from the “learned and accessible” scholar and classicist, Dame Mary Beard.

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In an article for The Times Literary Supplement outlining what has changed in the academic world in the 40 years or so of her career, Dame Mary singled out British Library On Demand for praise. Highlighting the availability of periodicals online, Dame Mary noticed the British Library Service and used it to order an article which is not available online. Calling On Demand “a brilliant service” the required article was copied, printed and posted out efficiently to reach its destination before the due date.

British Library On Demand is the document supply service from the British Library, scanning and sending chapters and articles digitally and in print from British Library collections to users around the world.

You can read the full article here and find out more about British Library On Demand here.