Thank you for continuing to use British Library On Demand

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As we have all been through and continue to face challenges, we just want to say thank you for sticking by us and continuing to use British Library On Demand.

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The British Library On Demand team wants to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding as we have adapted to the new way of working. Our management would also like to publicly express our thanks and gratitude to the dedication and professionalism of our staff throughout this period. Without them, we would not have been able to provide the service.

Throughout the upheaval we have tried to continue the On Demand service as best we can. As we closed our physical site, we were able to continue provided access to immediate downloads and material from third party publishers.

Once we updated our workflows to ensure it was safe for staff to return to our sites, we have been able to scale up our offering to include materials from our physical collections. Although some of our delivery times are still delayed we are now able to offer access to the full range of collections through British Library On Demand.

We have continued to support research of all kinds in the past six months, including important and ongoing work relating to Covid-19. We are proud that so many partners turned to the British Library collections in a time of great need.

We know there are more challenges ahead – let us know how we can help

All sectors will continue to face challenges going forward and we want to work together to make the journey as smooth as possible. Our Customer Relationship Managers are on hand to discuss how our partnerships can develop and to listen to your feedback. Please contact us now if you would like a discussion on how your organisation and the British Library On Demand team can continue to work together and to provide us with any feedback or to share any lessons that have been learnt.

Contact us through British Library Customer Services to leave your feedback or to arrange a video appointment with our Customer Relationship Managers.

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