Blog notifications update


The third-party platform that the British Library uses to generate email notifications for our blogs is making changes to its infrastructure and terminating its service.

Published date:

This means that from the end of August 2021 we anticipate that email notifications may no longer be sent to subscribers (although the provider has been unable to specify when exactly these will cease).

We are working to temporarily remove the ‘subscribe’ option on our blogs to prevent people subscribing to a redundant database. We are investigating the email notification issue and working to implement a solution which will continue blogpost email notifications, as we know many users rely on these to stay updated on our work.

Unfortunately, we do not know whether blog readers will continue to receive notifications about new posts before we are able to implement this. We will update readers via blogs with further information as soon as we have it. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we resolve this.

Until we are able to implement an alternative email notification system for blogs, we encourage readers to check our Blogs homepage to find out when new blogposts are published. We also publish all new blog posts to Twitter via departmental Twitter handles.