Publication of Towards a National Collection Interim Reports

Detail of the cover of an interim report for a Towards a National Collection Foundation Project. Features logos for Towards a National Collection and AHRC, and the words "Interim Report. Foundation Projects."

British Library projects publish interim findings as part of the AHRC Towards a National Collection programme.

Published date:

We are delighted to announce that three projects that the Library is involved in as part of the AHRC’s Towards a National Collection have recently published interim reports.

Persistent Identifiers as IRO Infrastructure. Led by Rachael Kotarski (the Library’s Head of Research Infrastructure Services), this project explores the benefits of using globally unique identifiers across collections, and how to implement them to support persistence, improve discovery, and enable tracking and citation of heritage collections.

Locating a National Collection. Led by Gethin Rees (the Library’s Lead Curator Digital Map Collections), this project investigates how combining geo-spatial metadata across collections can open up new forms of research, engagement and interaction for different audiences.

Gethin Rees:

We're very happy that LaNC's interim report has now been published and hope that discovery projects will find it useful. Maps provide unique opportunities for the public to find out about their local areas and we're looking forward to building a prototype interface later this year that demonstrates this potential.

Practical Applications of IIIF as a Building Block Towards a Digital National Collection. Led by the National Gallery with Torsten Reimer (the Library’s Head of Research Services) as a Co-Investigator, this project examines use of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) as a pathway to creating high quality, interactive image resources and tools across digital collections.


Want to hear more about the Library-led Foundation projects? Rachael Kotarski and Gethin Rees discussed their interim findings at a webinar. Watch the recording on YouTube.

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Read more about the Library’s involvement in Towards a National Collection on our Project Page.

Find out more about the programme on the Towards a National Collection website.


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