Cooked with Love launch a delicious success

Speakers at a ceremony

This week we celebrated the success of our childf-friendly Leeds award-nominated Food Means Home project.

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The project was created with the idea to comfort those arriving in the UK, by exploring food and culture with young people from around the world who now live in Leeds. This group of talented individuals used their skills and knowledge to recreate some of their favourite native dishes.

With our support, these recipes have become a recipe book called Cooked with Love: World recipes without borders, which we were proud to present to foster families in Leeds this week in a ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall.

Download a free copy of the recipe book and try the recipes for yourself. The young people who made the recipes hope the book shows how we can all continue to learn from each other regardless of background, and that our differences can be embraced and celebrated.

This is one of many projects we have co-developed with local people and partners in Leeds. It is part of our ongoing effort to open up our collections through community programmes, events and activities in the city following the announcement of funding to establish a major new public space there.