LEEDS 2023

City of culture banner featuring people celebrating

We’re counting down the days until LEEDS 2023, a year-long festival celebrating the city's culture and creativity.

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Throughout 2023 the city of Leeds will burst into life, fuelled by creativity and the aim of opening more opportunities for everyone to engage with culture. Organisations across the arts and sports sectors will deliver a range of creative experiences throughout the year of culture, including 12 signature events developed in collaboration with the LEEDS 2023 team.

Through our site at Boston Spa, our Living Knowledge Network and Business and IP Centre at Leeds Central Library, and alongside our growing cultural and learning programme in Leeds, we know how full to the brim the region is with culture and creativity. We join the city in inviting you to embrace everything Leeds has to offer throughout LEEDS 2023 in the first large-scale event of its kind in the region.

We’re partnering with the festival to continue our growing cultural and learning programme in Leeds. We’ll reveal more about our events and experiences later in 2023.

Find out more about the festival on their website, and follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.