Announcing our new vision

Celebration at the British Library

Knowledge Matters sets out our ambitions for the British Library’s future.

Published date:

Today we’re announcing our new strategic vision, Knowledge Matters. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’re looking ahead to 2030 and renewing our commitment to make our intellectual heritage accessible to everyone, for research, inspiration and enjoyment. To continue inspiring ideas and advancing knowledge so that anyone can find the answers they’re looking for, whether it’s to face today’s challenges or to shape a brighter future.

Our priorities:

Access, engagement and inclusion

Ensuring that the services we offer and the collection we hold are truly for everyone.

Modernising our library services

Investing in skills, processes, systems and capabilities to deliver the quality of library services our users deserve.

Deepening our partnerships

Collaborating with libraries and memory institutions of all kinds across the UK and the world, to achieve more than we ever could by ourselves.

Sustainability and resilience

Reducing our carbon impact and collaborating with partners to create a more sustainable future.

New spaces, North and South

In Yorkshire and in London, delivering new, world-class physical spaces designed to welcome future generations of visitors and users.  

Read our new blog post by our Chief Executive, Roly Keating, to learn more about how we’re growing and caring for the UK’s research collection and how we’re bringing knowledge to life for the next generation, working with our partners around the world.