Launch of 19th-Century House of Lords Papers Online

The House of Commons

Come to the Library and explore the newly launched collection of digitised 19th-century House of Lords papers.

Published date:

Together with the House of Commons Parliamentary papers online, the newly digitised Lords papers provide a complete picture of the working and influence of the UK Parliament during the 19th century.

The two collections are cross-searchable so that you can:

  • track the progress of bills through the Lords and Commons and compare the different views of the two Houses
  • explore the Lords’ views on issues covered by the Commons
  • get a full picture of social, economic, and foreign policy development at a time when the Lords exerted considerable power

You will be able to explore papers on a huge range of subjects – from the divorce of Queen Caroline to the Lords 1819 investigation of child labour and their evidence on the 1835 Bill for the Great Western railway.

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