Newsroom at St Pancras now open

The Newsroom at St Pancras

The Newsroom opens today, Mon 7 April, at St Pancras. Readers will once again have access to microfilm and digital newspaper collections as well as broadcast news, multimedia and archived websites.

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The Newsroom replaces the Reading Room of the Newspaper Library at Colindale, north London, which closed last November. It is in the room formerly occupied by BIPC2, on Floor 2  at St Pancras.

Microfilm copies of the 15 most highly used newspaper titles are available on open-access shelves and the new facility includes 40 digital microfilm readers, offering users a much-improved experience in comparison to Colindale.

Print newspapers are currently being moved and titles for which no print or digital copy exists will become available for ordering again in autumn 2014. Periodical collections can be ordered into any St Pancras Reading Room, with most titles delivered within 48 hours and high-use items available within 70 minutes.

The Newsroom also provides a public space for networking and collaborative working. It includes a large video wall which will display live news feeds and news-related Library content and a Twitter feed showing news-related tweets. The reading room and networking area are separated by a glazed wall offering the opportunity to see into the more traditional research space.

For full details see our News media page.