On Demand commercial

Our quick and convenient service helps everyone from blue chip companies to local business give their employees the information they need

British Library On Demand is an easy way for companies to access the information essential to their business as they need it. We help research-led industries like pharmaceuticals, law, chemicals and healthcare to find out about and build on the latest discoveries in their field.

Search and order from over 42 million journal articles, book chapters and more or find out about integrating our service into your organisations workflows with our API.

As an On Demand customer you’ll benefit from:

  • Easy-to-use mobile ordering platform giving your researchers flexibility
  • Up-front delivery and price information and real-time order tracking put you in control
  • Complete protection from our watertight copyright policy
  • Over 13 million items ready to download for only £5.70 each*

Working with your licences

On Demand works with your licences from the Copyright Licensing Agency and the Copyright Clearance Center so you can easily share content you order from us. Once you have a business account with us, we match your data with the items you’re ordering to offer you the best possible options, including unencrypted delivery for pharmaceutical customers. You get the freedom to collaborate and share, knowing you’re always totally copyright compliant.

Excellent customer service

Our customers are supported by Customer Service Excellence® standard account management. We also have expert information professionals on hand to provide in-depth searches and source hard-to-find material.

Storage solutions

For libraries and information centres that are looking to free up space and save money on storage, the British Library can store your physical collections and supply them to you just in time through On Demand. We usually hold the vast majority of content already, so only charge you for storing items unique to your collections.

*Prices valid until 31 July 2019, copyright charges apply

More about On Demand

API Integration

Seamless ordering and account management for organisations


The largest physical collection in the world available to you and millions more items to download


On Demand partners with publishers, rights organisations and others to bring you a better service

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5 March 2019

The British Library will be exhibiting at the UKSG Annual Conference and Exhibition, showcasing the various services offered to our users

British Library On Demand operating hours, Easter 2019

5 March 2019

Easter is upon us, so most On Demand services will stop from 22.00 on 18 April to when we re-open at 08.00 on 23 April

Changes to On Demand invoices

15 February 2019

The British Library is upgrading its finance system, meaning there will be changes to your invoices

Case studies

…Working with the British Library has been the best co-operative development I’ve ever experienced…

Jennifer Perkins from Clio tells us why her customers have seen a 75% reduction in failed requests since they integrated their Interlibrary Loans software with British Library On Demand