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Inter Library Loans (ILL) is a service whereby a user of a library can borrow items from another library.

ILL is a national approach whereby libraries work together to supply items in order to satisfy an end user request. The library can search the national public library catalogue and the British Library catalogue on behalf of the requester to locate and source items. Some libraries do charge for this service and this can be done through a British Library account. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for through On Demand you can order it via an extended search.

The British Library can search other libraries in the U.K. and Ireland and provide you with a list of locations where the requested item is held. This list is supplied in the form of library codes. To find out which libraries have the item and what their supplying policies are, you need to look up the code in the Directory of Library Codes. Alternatively we will try to source the item directly from one of our third party suppliers. 

Download the Directory of Library Codes 

You can find more information on inter-library loans on our dedicated help pages:

How to make an inter-library loan claim

How to request items from other libraries through the British Library


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