You can find out the exact cost of the items you want on our ordering interface, but here’s a general guide to our service charges

On Demand charges a service fee for supplying items or conducting in-depth searches. We change our prices every August, so keep an eye on this page for updated price lists.

Here’s a quick overview of our most important prices.  Prices for different customer groups and for all of our services can be found in the PDF downloads below.

Note that copyright charges may apply and you may be able to order from us more cheaply or even free through your workplace or university.

Standard prices for 2019/20

£5.85             Standard electronic delivery of a born digital copy

£11.75           Standard electronic delivery of a copy from print

£20.00           24-hour electronic delivery of a copy from print

£30.50           2-hour electronic delivery of a copy from print

£13.25           Paper copy by mail (UK delivery)

£13.75           Paper copy by mail (Overseas delivery)

£17.20           Loan by mail* (UK delivery)

£24.10           Loan by mail* (Overseas delivery)

£5.25             Loan renewal*

£4.90             Find it for me – extended search for alternative suppliers

£10.95           Get it for me – extended search and source from alternative suppliers

*Loans are only available to customers with an On Demand business account.

Download summary price list, 2019/20

Download UK registered price list, 2019/20

Download non-registered price list, 2019/20

Download Eire Euro price list, 2019/20

Download international price list, 2019/20