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Breaking the Rules: The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900 - 1937

9 November 2007 – 30 March 2008

Events and Reviews

The Breaking the Rules events programme celebrates the achievements, the legacy and above all the spirit of the European Avant Garde 1900-1937. It includes performances, talks, film, discussions, comedy, cabaret and more in a feast of thrilling, unexpected and sometimes shocking explorations of culture on the wild side.

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REVIEW The Future of Sound

Friday 9 November 2007

Over 700 people attended the first late-night event of the Breaking the Rules exhibition. As well as enjoying the live (and often very loud!) music, and the lively licensed bar, the audience could enjoy a visit to the exhibition.

The lights were dimmed, there was a great atmosphere, and there were some unforgettable sounds (and views to match for those who climbed up to level 3).

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Martyn Ware / Illustrious, who performed electronic music; filmmaker Tal Rosner; video playback from Scanner; and audiovisual music from The Sancho Plan.

Additionally, The Modified Toy Orchestra (see pictures above and left) explored the hidden potential and surplus value latent inside redundant technology.

Review with video footage (blog by Missrisk)
Review in Spanish (blog by Posse)

REVIEW Stockhausen's ‘Stimmung’

Wednesday 14 November 2007

The six vocalists of Intimate Voices (pictured below) performed Stockhausen's hypnotic, meditative 1968 epic Stimmung. The work weaves the intonation of vowel sounds, overtones and ‘magic names' into a spiritual and sensual work of grandeur.

Intimate Voices performing Stimmung

Intimate Voices performing Stimmung in the Entrance Hall of the Library 14 Nov 2007Lasting for over 70 minutes, and yet never departing from a chord of B flat, this one-off work explores a strange vocal sound world all of its own, mixing up names of deities from many world religions with erotic poetry of Stockhausen's own.

A packed Entrance Hall of lunchtime Library-goers (right) reacted with a mixture of amusement, fascination, puzzlement and rapture at this rare chance to hear a live performance of one of the 20th century's most extraordinary, but most appealing, Avant Garde works.

Review (Times Online column)

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