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This virtual exhibition was created to accompany a display in the Library's galleries between 16 May and 28 September 2003. The following events took place during that period.

Tuesday 20 - Friday 23 May
Lindisfarne Gospels Garden
The Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show 2003, organised by the Royal Horticultural Society, is world-famous. This year it features the Lindisfarne Gospels Garden, built by Newcastle City Council in association with the British Library.

The garden takes inspiration from the book and its role in delivering a Christian message. It includes representations of key sites in Northumbria and interpretations of images from the book. Over 50,000 plants will be on display, including many varieties that were used in the eighth century for their medicinal properties.

The Chelsea Flower Show, held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London SW3, is open from 20 to 23 May 2003 (20 and 21 May for RHS members only).

Tuesday 17 June, 18.30-19.45
Joan Bakewell
To Each His Own
British Library Conference Centre

Nowadays, there are more beliefs than ever before and more ways of believing. Religious traditionalists see this as a crisis, but for many other disciplines, it represents a freedom to examine new ideas and reach individual conclusions. Joan Bakewell examines this diversity of belief, exploring its differing role and expression for different people.

Joan Bakewell’s career has focused primarily in the areas of ethics and of the arts. Throughout the 1990s, she presented BBC’s long-running ‘Heart of the Matter’, which dealt with moral dilemmas.

Price £7.50 (concessions £6.00)
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Monday 14 July, 18.30-19.45
Marina Warner
On Magic and Faerie Now
British Library Conference Centre

The internal workings of consciousness have been at the centre of literary concerns for a hundred years. Contemporary writers, from Margaret Atwood to Philip Pullman, are now reshaping ideas about personal identity with their use of mythical and magical materials.

Marina Warner examines the relationship of current concepts of metamorphic selves, spirit possession, and telepathy with the religious beliefs of the past. Are we now taking part in yet another rewriting of soul?

Price £7.50 (concessions £6.00)
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Tuesday 22 July, 18.30 -19.45
Ann Widdecombe
Faith and Politics - Conflict or Communion?
British Library Conference Centre

Christianity is about absolutes and politics is about the art of the possible, about compromise. How can they go together? What is the role of Christianity in a secular, multi- cultural society? Why do Christian politicians find it impossible to agree on the way forward, and could there ever be a specifically Christian British political party - and if there could be then should there be? These are just a few of the questions which Ann Widdecombe will be addressing.

Price £7.50 (concessions £6.00)
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Image from the Chelsea Flower Show

Image of Joan Bakewell

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Image of Ann Widdecombe

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