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London: A Life in Google Maps

Welcome to our virtual exhibition Google Map

London: A Life in Maps charts the growth of the city by looking at maps of it through the ages. The exhibition is broken down into seven themes, each broadly covering a different period in the city's history. Many of the maps featured in the exhibition are available to view in our Online Gallery. We've created a Google Map of London to help you find them.

Click on any map pin above to view the item associated with that place - or find out more about each section by following the links below.

The themes are:

1. From Roman urbs to Stuart City
2. London life in the 18th century
3. Sweet and salutary air: London's surrounding villages
4. Out of sight: the East End
5. The age of improvement
6. Victorian London: social problems and solutions

Discover more:
Virtual exhibition
Roman urbs to Stuart city
1. Roman urbs to Stuart City
London in the eighteenth century
2. Life in the 18th century
Sweet and salutary air
3. Sweet and salutary air
Out of sight: The east end
4. Out of sight: the East End
The age of improvement
5. The age of improvement
Victorian London
6. Victorian London
Vox pop
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