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The Fakhr al-Masajid (left), The baoli at the shrine of Nizamuddin (right)

The Fakhr al-Masajid (left), The baoli at the shrine of Nizamuddin (right)

Author: Metcalfe, Sir Thomas Theophilus (1795-1853)

Medium: Ink and colours on paper

Date: 1843

Shelfmark: Add.Or.5475

Item number: ff. 48v-49

Length: 25.8

Width: 42.3

Scale: Centimetres

Genre: Manuscript

[From 'Reminiscences of Imperial Delhi’, an album consisting of 89 folios containing approximately 130 paintings of views of the Mughal and pre-Mughal monuments of Delhi, as well as other contemporary material, with an accompanying manuscript text written by Sir Thomas Theophilus Metcalfe (1795-1853), the Governor-General’s Agent at the imperial court. Acquired with the assistance of the Heritage Lottery Fund and of the National Art-Collections Fund.]

The Fukhrool Musajid (‘Pride of Mosques’) was build by Kuneez (‘Slave’) i Fatima (‘name of the daughter of the prophet’), widow of Shoojaat Khan about AD 1729 to the memory of her husband who was one of the confidential followers of Nizam ool Moolk (‘Regulator of the State’), Minister of Mohumud (‘Praised’) Shah (‘Emperor’)- Page 12 [f. 15]. It adjoins the estate and is nearly opposite to the church erected by the late Colonel Skinner C.B. and has been of late years repaired at no inconsiderable expense by that distinguished officer for the convenience of his followers Military and Menial.
[The Fakhr al-Masajid near the Kashmiri Gate. It was built by Fakhr-un-Nisa begum, the wife of Nawab Shujat Khan, in 1728. ]
Inscribed: naqsha-i fakhr al-masajid.
[The baoli (step well) at the shrine of Nizamuddin. The baoli was said to have been built under the supervision of Hazrat Nizamuddin (1236-1325) . The waters of the baoli are considered to be sacred.]
Inscribed: naqsha-i bavuli-i hazrat-i Nizam al-Din sahib.
A celebrated or deep reservoir adjoining to the Shrine of the Saint Nizamoodeen. Page 40 [ff. 43-44]. It is much resorted to by travellers, to witness the feats of divers who are located at the place, and jump from a considerable height into the reservoir.

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