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Scene on the Ganges near Sahibganj (Bihar). 25 September 1803

Scene on the Ganges near Sahibganj (Bihar). 25 September 1803

Artist: Salt, Henry (1780-1827)

Medium: Watercolour with pen and ink

Date: 1803

Shelfmark: WD104

Item number: 104

Length: 252

Width: 456

Scale: Millimetres

Genre: Drawing

Water-colour and pen-and-ink drawing, by Henry Salt (1780-1827), of a scene on the Ganges near Sahibganj in Bihar, dated 25th September 1803. The drawing is inscribed on the front in pencil: 'Sept 25th'; and on the back in pencil: 'Ganges. Where boatmen were nearly drowned.' Viscount Valentia (George Annesley) wrote, "The night was very unpleasant, from a heavy rain and strong wind, which raised a considerable swell, and made the budgerow beat every minute against the shore. At six, we attempted to get over the river, but did not succeed; and at eight were obliged to return to the shore we had left...The men got out the rope to tow us, and coming suddenly into deep water, two of them were carried off by the current, and would have been lost, had not a small native boat been near, which took them up. The bank was covered with a grass fourteen feet high, whose roots run very deep, and assist in preventing the encroachments of the river, it however rendered tracking more difficult to our men. By great exertions we at length rounded the rocky head-land of Pointee, and came to in a small bay, where we were sheltered from the strong easterly wind..."

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