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Sculpture of Nandi from a temple at Dracheram (?) 21 July 1815

Sculpture of Nandi from a temple at Dracheram (?) 21 July 1815

Artist: Anonymous

Medium: Pen and ink on paper

Date: 1815

Shelfmark: WD.1066

Item number: f.38

Length: 26

Width: 43.2

Scale: Centimetres

Genre: Drawing

Pen and ink drawing of a sculpture of Nandi from Dracheram, by an anonymous artist, part of the MacKenzie Collection and from an album of 37 drawings (43 folios) of sculpture at Jajpur, Puri, Bezwada and Sitanagar made during a journey from Bengal through Orissa to the Coromandel Coast, dated 21 July 1815.

Colin MacKenzie (1754-1821) joined the East India Company as an engineer at the age of 28 and spent the majority of his career in India. He used the salary he earned from his military career as a captain, major and finally a colonel to finance his research into the history and religion of Indian and Javan culture. During his surveys he collected and recorded details concerning every aspect of Indian history, architecture, language, life and religion, resulting in thousands of drawings and copies of inscriptions. This drawing is of Nandi, the white bull who is Shiva's mount and emblem. In temples dedicated to Shiva, a sculpture of Nandi is almost always to be found in a pillared pavilion facing the linga shrine. Here he is seen seated and decorated with ceremonial bells and garlands.

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