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View in the Koah Nullah

View in the Koah Nullah

Artist and engraver: Daniell, Thomas (1749-1840)

Medium: Aquatint, coloured

Date: 1804

Shelfmark: X432/4(15)

Item number: plate 15

Length: 42.6

Width: 59.3

Scale: Centimetres

Genre: Print

Plate 15 from the fourth set of Thomas and William Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery,' which they called 'Twenty-four Landscapes.' The views progress northwards from the far south at Cape Comorin to Srinagar in Garhwal in the Himalaya mountains. The rocky valley of the Khoh river, that leads into the Garhwal hills, was the route that the Daniells followed on their journey to Srinagar. They wrote: 'We all four were carried in our jampans [hill palanquins] by four bearers to each who seemed to take us with the greatest ease.' However, it was often too steep to use their palanquins and they had to climb up the rocky watercourse.

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