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West Gate Of Firoz Shah's Cotillah, Delhi.

West Gate Of Firoz Shah's Cotillah, Delhi.

Artist: Orme, William (fl. 1794 - 1819)

Medium: Aquatint, coloured

Date: 1802

Shelfmark: X768/2(11)

Item number: 20011

Genre: Print

Plate eleven from '24 Views in Indostan by William Orme'. This picture is based on a drawing by Thomas Daniell of the west gateway to the ancient city of Firozabad (now on the outskirts of New Delhi). Firoz Shah (r. 1351-88) was the Sultan of Delhi from 1351 to 1388. In the 1350s, in the area now known as Delhi, he established the city of Firozabad. The Kotla of Firoz Shah marks the location of Firozabad's citadel. Virtually nothing else remains of this ancient city because subsequent rulers dismantled its buildings and reused the spolia as building materials.

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