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Rock-cut image of Adibuddhaji [Satrunjaya]

Rock-cut image of Adibuddhaji [Satrunjaya]

Photographer: Sykes and Dwyer

Medium: Photographic print

Date: 1869

Shelfmark: Photo 968/1(21)

Item number: 968121

Genre: Photograph

Photograph of Satrunjaya from James Burgess, 'The Temples of Satrunjaya, the celebrated Jain place of pilgrimage...' by Skyes and Dwyer in 1869. Satrunjaya is an ancient Jain place of pilgrimage where it is believed that Adinatha, the first Jain Tirthankara visited several times and his disciple Pundarika obtained enlightenment. There are many hundreds of multi-spired temples on the two summits of the hill in the town of Palitana, Gujarat. The sanctuaries are grouped in fortified enclosures or tuks, named after their founders. This large rock-cut image of Adhinath, the Jain saint, is about 14 feet high. It is painted white but covered with yellow spots of saffron made by worshippers.

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