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Lloyd's Map of the Southern States

Lloyd's Map of the Southern States

Publisher: New York & London: J.T. Lloyd

Medium: Image

Date: 1861

Shelfmark: 71495 (44)

Scale: Millimetres

Genre: Map

Map scale ratio: 1:1893346

Lloyd's Map of the Southern States showing all the Railroads, their Stations and Distances, also the Counties, Towns, Villages, Harbors, Rivers & Forts.

This map was published by J.T. Lloyd in New York in 1861. It details ‘all the railroads, their stations & distances’, as well as the ‘counties, towns, villages, harbors, rivers and forts’ based on the ‘latest Government and other reliable sources’. The map details states beneath the Mason-Dixon line which theoretically separated the northern and southern states. As well as showing the states that made up the eastern side of the Confederacy, the map also shows the Union states of Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, which, along with Missouri, made up the Border States. Maintaining these states within the Union was a crucial war aim for Lincoln. 

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