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Vladimir Ilich Lenin

Born in Simbirsk, Russia, Vladimir Ilich Lenin recorded at least a dozen gramophone records in the period 1919-1921, including this tribute to his faithful colleague Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov. In the wake of the October revolution of 1917, in which Sverdlov had played a prominent role, Lenin formed the world’s first Communist government in Russia. The majority of his recordings served to promulgate communist ideology, focussing in particular on the power of the soviets (councils) and the labour of working people.

This recording is in Russian.


All those who worked day after day with Comrade Sverdlov now appreciate fully that it was his exceptional organising talent that ensured for us that of which we have been so proud, and justly proud. He made it possible for us to pursue united, efficient, organised activities worthy of all the proletarian masses, without which we could not have achieved success, and which answered fully the needs of the proletarian revolution. The memory of Comrade Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov will serve not only as a symbol of the revolutionary’s devotion to his cause, not only as the model of how to combine a practical, sober mind, practical ability, the closest contact with the masses and ability to guide them, but also a pledge that ever-growing masses of proletarians will march forward to the complete victory of the communist revolution.

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