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Sacred texts: Complete list

Zooming in on micrographic detail from 13th century Pentateuch with Prophetical ReadingsAll 78 texts across all faiths in chronological order. Each with zoomable high-res image, in-depth description, cross-links and more.
KEY Judaism  • Christianity  Islam 
Hinduism  Zoroastrianism  Buddhism 



Gandharan Scrolls 1st c
Gospel of Thomas 3rd c
Codex Sinaiticus c.350
Codex Alexandrinus 5th c
Syriac Bible 463/4


Vulgate Gospels 6th c
Lindisfarne Gospels late 7th-early 8th c
Ma'il Qur'an 8th c
Torah Codex 9th c
Kufic Qur'an c.850
Diamond Sutra 868
Ashem Vohu 9th-10th c
Gaster Bible 9th-10th c
New Testament, Constantinople mid-10th c
Benedictional of St Aethelwold 970-980


Old English Hexateuch 1000-50
Qur'an from Iraq or Persia 1036
Theodore Psalter 1066


Silos Apocalypse c.1100
Melisende Psalter 1131-43
Harley Trilingual Psalter 1130-54


Awag Vank' Gospels 1200-02
Syriac Gospel Lectionary 1216-20
Spanish Qur'an 13th c
Matthew Paris's Jerusalem pilgrim's travel guide c.1250
King David, North French Miscellany c.1278-98
Babylonian Talmud 13th-14th c
Pentateuch with prophetical readings 13th-14th c


Duke of Sussex's German Pentateuch c.1300
Picturing God in a Jewish manuscript c.1300
Sultan Baybars' Qur'an 1304
Sultan Uljaytu's Qur'an 1310
Golden Haggadah c.1320
Videvdad 1323
Santiago pilgrim's travel guide 1300-50
Luttrell Psalter c.1320-40
Holkham Bible 1325-50
Mamluk Qur'an 1337
Samaritan Pentateuch 1339
Duke of Sussex's Spanish Bible mid-14th c
Gospels in Arabic 14th c
Barcelona Haggadah 14th c
Tsar Ivan Alexander's Gospels 1355-56
Spanish Hebrew Bible 1384


Duke of Sussex's Italian Pentateuch c.1400
Sherborne Missal c.1400-1407
Sultan Faraj's Qur'an 1400-1412
Bedford Hours c.1423
Gutenberg Bible 1455
Portuguese Pentateuch 15th c
Hajj certificate 15th c
San'a Pentateuch 1469
Lisbon Bible 1482
Sforza Hours c.1490
First complete Mishnah 1492


Qur'an with Persian translation early 16th c
Tyndale New Testament 1526
Henry VIII's Psalter 1530-47
Picturing the Prophet 1539-43
Devimahatmya 1549
Indian Qur'an 16th c


King James Bible 1611
Chinese Torah 1643-63
Chinese Qur'an 17th c
Ramayana 1649-53
Armenian prayer scroll 1655
Gospels in Coptic and Arabic 1663
Shi'ite fatwas late 17th c
Ethiopian Octateuch late 17th c


Leipnik Haggadah 1740
Italian Ketubah 1776


Karaite Pentateuch 1835
Islamic marriage contract 1840
Javanese Qur'an 19th c
Mecca and Medina pilgrim's travel guide 19th c
Wahhabi manuscript 1853
Afghan Ketubah 1889


Ka'bah pilgrim's travel guide 1900