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The Notebook of William Blake - Folio N105 and N104

Image of Folio N105 and N104
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N105 & N104

This densely filled folio has four poems on it. Only 'The little Vagabond' was selected for print- not in the first single issue of Songs of Experience, but as an addition to the collection when Blake produced his combined issue of Songs of Innocence and Experience in 1794. At this stage he also added 'The Garden of Love', 'The Sick Rose' and 'Infant Sorrow'.

'The little Vagabond' is written in pencil. The weight of the line is heavier than in the previous poem which might indicate renewed concentration on the author's part. In his first attempt at this poem, Blake immediately revised the last line, scoring through it and writing an alternative to the left. He later further refined the poem, this time in fine pen.

This pencil drawing depicts the Holy Trinity. God accepts his son's sacrifice in dying for mankind, while the sketch of Satan is barely visible beneath the clouds. Blake's paintings of 'The Last Judgement' contain details from this sketch.

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