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The Notebook of William Blake - Folio N2 and N3

Image Folio N2 and N3
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N2 & N3

On this folio we see the figure of a naked man hiding above a doorway, escaping from a crouching tiger, and below this a study of a tiger's head. These sketches- along with further sketches found later in the notebook- were used in an engraving of 1802.

'Johanna Southcott', referred to in Blake's verse at the top of this folio, was a farmer's daughter from Devon who became convinced that she had supernatural gifts, and began to make prophesies in rhyme. She identified herself with the woman from the Book of Revelation who was to announce the Second Coming, and claimed that she was to bear the second Christ. From Blake's tone and language, one can sense his sympathy for this visionary fanatic.

This is an ink and wash drawing in the Gothic style, believed to be by Robert Blake. David Erdman suggests that the drawing may represent Lady Macduff fleeing one of Macbeth's henchmen.

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