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The Luttrell Psalter- Pages 1 and 2

Image of The Luttrell Psalter - Pages 1 and 2
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Inside cover

Inscriptions and bookplates can provide valuable clues to a book's provenance, or 'life history'. Inside this binding is an armorial bookplate of Thomas Weld (1750-1810) of Lulworth Castle, whose grandfather Humphrey Weld came into the possession of Stonyhurst in 1754, and in the hands of whose descendants the book subsequently remained. Before this the book had been owned by Lord William Howard (1563-1640) of Naworth and by 1703 had passed to Sir Nicholas Sherburne, Bart., of Stonyhurst. The volume was offered for sale in 1929 and purchased for the nation with the assistance of the National Art Collections Fund.

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