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The Luttrell Psalter- Pages 9 and 10

Image of The Luttrell Psalter- Pages 9 and 10
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Psalm 36, f. 69v

The page begins with a decorated initial introducing Psalm 36. The miniature in the lower margin shows some mummers carrying aloft a man painted blue. Painting figures another colour is part of a long tradition of depicting 'otherness', i.e. distinguishing strangers.

Psalm 41, f. 82

A miniature of two splendidly adorned, or caparisoned knights jousting is depicted in the lower margin. They are generally believed to be Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, the famous leader of the Muslims during the Crusades. Although the main era of the Crusades was over by the time the Luttrell Psalter was made, the Saracens were still regarded as the enemy even though western learning and medicine was benefitting from contact with those of Islam.

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