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Mozart's Thematic Catalogue - ff. 21v-22r

Image of Mozart's Thematic Catalogue - ff. 21v-22r
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17 May to August 1789

In April Mozart travelled with Prince Karl Lichnowsky to Berlin, then the capital of Prussia. They travelled via Prague, Dresden and Leipzig, arriving in Berlin on 19 May. The reason for the trip is unclear – perhaps Mozart hoped to obtain an appointment from the Prussian king. He appeared at the Prussian court, and was apparently commissioned to write six quartets for King Friedrich Wilhelm II, as well as some easy sonatas for his daughter, Princess Friederike. On this page Mozart entered a piece he wrote on the trip, as well as the first of the so-called Prussian quartets and a sonata traditionally associated with the commission for the princess.

17 May 1789 (in Leipzig)

K574. A little gigue in G, for piano. This appears to have been composed during Mozart's trip to Berlin.

In June 1789 (in Vienna)

K575. A string quartet in D, known as the first "Prussian" quartet, because it is thought to have been written for King Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia, who was very fond of the cello.

In July 1789

K576. A piano sonata in D, traditionally thought to have been one of the "six easy sonatas" Mozart was commissioned to write for Princess Friedrike of Prussia.

In July 1789

K577. Mozart wrote this rondo for soprano, Al desio, di chi t'adora, for the singer Adriana Gabrielli, who played the part of Susanna in the 1789 revival of Le nozze di Figaro in Vienna.

In August 1789

K578. Mozart wrote this aria, Alma grande e nobil cuore, for Domenico Cimarosa's opera I Due Baroni, to be sung by Louise Villeneuve, a soprano at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

Musical extracts recorded at the Royal College of Music, London

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