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Mozart's Thematic Catalogue - ff. 22v-23r

Image of Mozart's Thematic Catalogue - ff. 22v-23r
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17 September to December 1789

In the course of his career Mozart wrote nearly fifty arias. Some were written for inclusion in other composers' operas, three of which appear on this page. Others were solo numbers for his own operas, such as the last entry on this page. This aria was written for his new comic opera Così fan tutte ("All women behave like that"), which was premiered in January of the following year. Mozart also wrote arias to be performed by professionals in concerts, as well as some for amateur singers. He often composed arias with the abilities of particular singers in mind. He once said that he was able to fit an aria to a singer like well-made suit of clothes. In December Mozart invited Joseph Haydn and his fellow mason Michael Puchberg to a private rehearsal of his Così fan tutte.

17 September 1789

K580. This aria, Schon lachte der holde Frühling, was written for a German-language production of the opera Il barbiere di Siviglia by Paisiello. The singer was Mozart's sister-in-law, Josepha Hofer, who was later to be the first to play the role of the Queen of the Night in the opera Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute).

29 September 1789

K581. This quintet in A for clarinet and string quartet was one of Mozart's last pieces of chamber music, and was written for his friend the clarinettist Anton Stadler. Modern performing editions are based on the printed edition of 1802, as Mozart's original manuscript was pawned or sold by Stadler and subsequently lost.

In October 1789

K582. Mozart wrote this aria, Chi sa chi sa qual sia, for Vincente Martin Y Soler's opera Il burbero di buon cuore, to be sung by Louise Villeneuve, a soprano at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

In October 1789

K583. This aria, Vado, ma dove? - oh Dei!, was also written for Vincente Martin Y Soler's opera Il burbero di buon cuore, again to be sung by Louise Villeneuve.

In December 1789

K584. Mozart wrote this aria for bass, Rivolgete a lui lo sguardo, for the part of Guglielmo in his opera Così fan tutte. The part was played by Francesco Benucci, who played bass comic roles at the Burgtheater in Vienna. He created the role of Figaro in Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro. In the end this aria was not included in the opera.

Musical extracts recorded at the Royal College of Music, London

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